David Lightman


Democrats reach tentative deal on public option

WASHINGTON- Senate Democratic negotiators said Tuesday they’d tentatively agreed to a compromise plan that could alter the government-run option in their health care bill, a bid to win key moderates who’ve threatened to derail the effort.

House passes health-care overhaul bill

WASHINGTON – The House of Representatives Saturday passed, by a 220-215 vote, historic health-care overhaul legislation that would require virtually all Americans to obtain health insurance and create a government-run health insurance plan to help them do so. If passed by the Senate, the bill would bring about the most sweeping changes in the American health care system since Medicare was created 44 years ago. Supporters of the measure burst into cheers and applause on the House floor as it became clear the measure had won, but the vote was excruciatingly close, just two more than the bare minimum needed.

Some Democrats in Senate hold fate of health care bill

WASHINGTON – A handful of moderate Senate Democrats will determine the fate of this year’s health care overhaul, and they’re sending strong signals that while they are willing to compromise, they’re wary of a strong public option. “I’ve ruled out a government-funded and a government-operated plan,” said Sen.