David Paulk


Vatican's Guy talks science

An astronomer from the Vatican spoke Wednesday at Eastern Michigan University on the relationship between religion and science. A large portion of Brother Guy Consolmagno’s discussion was about past relationships between the Vatican and astronomers.

Plant biology candidate presents algae research

A candidate for a plant biology position at Eastern Michigan University discussed her research in the world of algae Friday afternoon. Hilary McManus, a professor at the University of Connecticut, is a big fan of the predecessor of plants. But she is not as enthusiastic when it comes to the outdated method of identifying the tiny photosynthetic organisms.

Plant, not humans, threatening Detroit River wetlands

Usually, the greatest enemies of wetlands are humans, famous for draining or filling them in. But this time, that is not the case. This time the enemy is an invasive plant species known as Phragmites. At first glance, the average person will see just another plant.

U-M Professor talks of Middle East

Professor Juan R. Cole of the University of Michigan’s History department addressed the situation in the Middle East on Thursday evening in the Student Center.