Erica Mooney


EMU should embrace solar power

Imagine walking past Eastern Michigan University’s Pray-Harrold building and glancing up to see solar panels harnessing the power of the sun. The reality is, we have a vast untapped solar resource but continue to depend on outdated energy sources like coal, gas and oil that pollute our air and water and drain our natural resources.

Bikes EMU a great idea for spring

What better time to dust off the old two-wheeler than the thawing warmth of Michigan spring? With bikini season coming up and healthy living on everyone’s mind – let alone those gas prices! They will continue to rise and your body doesn’t exercise itself.

Nuclear energy not a safe bet

It’s impossible to ignore the flurry of opinions yet difficult to discern the facts of the current nuclear crisis. What is clear is the massive impact of the recent earthquakes and tsunami damage on Japan’s multiple nuclear reactors, which are still steaming radioactive material.

GOP budget cuts help no one

Among all the chaos of recent headlines, the one that may most critically and directly affect me personally seems to me, the most ridiculous. You might have heard of the Republican attack on Planned Parenthood and other provisions that kill essential health programs. Perhaps not so widely covered was the U.S. helicopter that gunned down nine young boys in Afghanistan or the increasingly despicable treatment of Bradley Manning.

U.S. citizens can reduce foreign dependence

How will your life change when gas hits $5 a gallon? Research of potential gas prices predicts this could occur as early as two years from now, but the range extends to 2020 – a clear indication of the volatile and speculative nature of the market.

Same-sex marriage is constitutional right

In the United States there is a strongly divisive argument over whether gay couples have the right to marry or not. It was ordained in the founding documents of this nation that all are equal, and all people have the same freedoms.

Where food is from can make a difference

How far did your dinner travel? In the United States food travels, on average, between 1,500 and 2,000 miles from farm to table, according to WorldWatch Institute. This number is 25 percent higher than it was in 1980, conjuring up thoughts of fuel used for transport as well as questions of freshness and quality of produce that might have visited more states than you have in your entire life.

Easy green changes save money, time

Our world runs at a hectic, and sometimes overwhelming, pace. We demand fast access to goods and services to satisfy our whims. All of these choices come with external costs.

Panel says students should know rights

Monday, a panel comprised of an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer, a professor and other distinguished guests explained why Eastern Michigan University students should know their rights in a discussion entitled, “Know Your Rights: Student Liberties- Your Rights as a Student and a Citizen.” The group of four panelists addressed an audience in the Student Center on the importance of understanding and sharing the rights they hold as a part of the campus community as well as the nation.