Ethan Farrelly


Björk’s Utopia is a Dense Sonic Dreamscape

Hailing from Iceland, Björk started as an oddity in the realm of pop-stars in the 1990’s, and has only pushed her quirks further and further with each release since her debut album, appropriately titled Debut, in 1993. Since then her innovations in music and reinventions of herself have proven to be much more than can be expected of your average pop-star. 

Weezer 'Pacific Daydream' most forgettable album

At this point in time, Weezer has been around, and mostly active, for quite a while. Releasing its first album in 1994, which went triple platinum, it has never been very far from the starlight. While it often bobs up and down the surface of popularity, Weezer has never settled on just what kind of music it wants to make. Its music has ranged from being oddly experimental to being acutely radio friendly. On its latest album, “Pacific Daydream,” we see another shift in the band’s style back to being acutely radio friendly, for better or for worse.

8 things I wish I knew my freshman year

Freshman year of college is full of first-time experiences. The newfound freedom, the large size of campus and amount of students and opportunities to re-invent yourself are some of the basic changes you will experience. The purpose of this article, however, is to look at some things you might not have thought of. If you keep these eight things in mind, you will have a much better freshman year than most of your peers.

Poetry and "Building and Equitable City"

Cultivate Coffee and Tap House hosted, Poetry Night, an event that concluded Cultivate's series of forums titled “Building an Equitable City” that occurred through the month of March, March 31.

"Our Voices" creates platform for women

Our Voices is a show put on by the Women’s Resource Center of Eastern Michigan University. This year the show was hosted by Abigail Allman and comprised of pieces written and performed by women and and anyone that identifies as such on campus.