Heather Weigel


Opinion: A case for "public option" healthcare

Public option health insurance has been in the airwaves since 2008 - yet the overzealous support for “Medicare For All” has overshadowed it. There is political incentive for both to varying degrees - but the public option may have a more viable legislative path.

Opinion: Politics have become exhausting

Political exhaustion is a real phenomenon faced by many Americans in a time of intense polarization and media noise. This exhaustion is shared by the politically engaged and disengaged and by those on the right and left.

Opinion: Don’t underestimate the importance of the Supreme Court

With the impeachment inquiry by House Democrats and the nonstop news coverage on Trump, Biden and Ukraine, it is easy to get distracted from other important things happening in our government. The Supreme Court has an opportunity to rule on many important, controversial issues this term and it’s important we pay attention.

Opinion: Protect free speech at EMU

Free speech on campus is a loaded topic with many different mouthpieces. The issue is well-represented in the messaging of Protect Life at EMU and the responses to the organization’s controversial displays – no matter how simple in design.

Opinion: Moderate Democrats should cede to Biden

Moderates and progressives are often pitted against one another, and a unifying figure may be required to deliver the moderate message. Most conventional political knowledge points to Biden to be that figure.

Preview: EMUsic Fest builds upon its local character

Event planners, musicians, and artists alike are preparing for the second annual EMUsic Fest in EMU’s University Amphitheater. They speak of their excitement, hopes and expectations for the approaching event.