Jerome Stuart Nichols


Kitchen 101: Knife work

Good knife work is a lot like good foot work, when it’s happening you’re mesmerized and when it’s done you’re satisfied. I know I’m stretching my metaphors like Mr. Fantastic stretches, oh, forget it.

Kitchen 101: Thanksgiving cupcakes

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it’d be a great time to give you a cool idea to make your meal special. Unfortunately, I had a terrible lapse of judgment and did a two-page Thanksgiving blow out last year. So, I was kind of out of ideas this year. Luckily, shortsightedness is the mother of invention.

Kitchen 101: Apple Pie Minis

Guess who’s back! (“Welcome Back Kotter” theme song plays.) Sorry for the long break, I was having disagreements with my editor. She wanted Kitchen 101 to be sexier. I told her I was more than a piece of meat, I’ve got tasty side dishes too!

Kitchen 101: The Hot Drink Special

Face it, fall is here kiddies. But it’s not all bad. Boots are now comfortable to wear and you don’t feel like an idiot walking around with hot drinks.

Kitchen 101: Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Yes, I’m aware that we just did Reese’s Peanut Butter Puff Daddy Muffins a few weeks back. But these are delicious, so get over it. I got the idea for these diet murdering bastards from Echo comics editor, Christine “Crass” Deneweth.

Kitchen 101: Kitchen tools

Every chef needs his or her tools. If you listen to the cooks and chefs on Food Network, you might believe that you need an arsenal to boil an egg, but that’s hardly true.

KITCHEN 101: Magic(ally delicious) stuffed mushrooms

Mushrooms, I feel bad for them. Sure, they’re delicious, nutritious and inexpensive but when was the last time you actually ate a mushroom that wasn’t on a burger or deep fried? There’s more to this fungus than to play second fiddle.