Jimmy King


Success is found in confidence

After four long, challenging years at Eastern Michigan University, I find myself at a crossroads. I am very pleased with myself.

Detroit's draft options limited

The Detroit Lions’ off-season has been one from the seventh circle of hell. With the 2012 NFL Draft a week away, the Lions have had their fair share of off-season problems.

Wings compete

While the Tigers are busy scoring sixty runs a game and the Pistons are losing by sixty points a game, Detroit seems to be forgetting about the fact the Detroit Red Wings are in the playoffs…again. This is something Wings fans have a tendency to take for granted.

Goodell fines Saints, coaches

Penalties, fines and suspensions have become a hot commodity in the NFL since commissioner Roger Goodell took over in 2006.

March Madness energizes fans

Sports fans mark their calendars for four sporting events each year: the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Masters and NCAA March Madness.

Kony 2012 concerns

America is in the middle of a presidential election cycle. Issues of vital importance to the country right now are domestic: gas prices, the economy and the jobs market.

Lions need strategy

The Detroit Lions finished the 2011 NFL regular season 10-6, but fell short in the opening round of the playoffs.

Detroit Red Wings are hot

The Detroit Red Wings are the hottest team in hockey right now. This is an undeniable fact. The Wings are boasting the NHL’s best record, picking up significant accolades along the way. A week ago, the Wings had a record 21-straight wins at home.

Republicans differ at CPAC

The Michigan primaries are only a few weeks away on the GOP nomination calendar. Nine states have already been decided, yet nothing has been resolved.