Joseph Yelick


Occupy Wall Street vs. The Tea Party

_What you need to know about the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street — two powerful, yet opposing movements that struck the nation and continue to move with force.

EMU finds lucrative vendors

The Board of Regents formally accepted the JP Morgan Chase request for proposal for banking services at the Student Center and ATM services around campus last Tuesday.

Pray-Harrold opening up

The renovation of Eastern Michigan University’s largest building, Pray-Harrold, will be completed by the 2011 fall semester.

Campus hosts government career fair

Acquiring a job after college requires more than just a diploma and a nice smile, which is why Eastern Michigan University held a career fair Wednesday to help show students how to navigate the job market.

WEMU will face new era as director preps to retire

Eastern Michigan University’s public radio station, WEMU, is winding down to the end of era as station manager and executive director Art Timko, 64, will retire after 42 years of service. The Timko era will vanish after Dec,31, leaving behind a great legacy and a blueprint for the future.

iPhone app to educate EMU on campus events

In an attempt to keep pace with technology and students’ needs, Eastern Michigan University has recently completed the launch of its first mobile device application for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The EMU app, which is now available for free through Apple App Store, will be an informative and helpful tool for the EMU students, staff and faculty.

'Reimagining Detroit' author visits campus, discusses book

On Tuesday in the Halle Library Auditorium, John Gallagher discussed and signed copies of his book “Reimagining Detroit” in which he addresses some of the most complicated issues facing Detroit and offers some ideas on what the city might become in the near future.

Career fair brings job opportunities to EMU

Students packed and scurried to the Student Center Ballroom in hopes of obtaining an internship or job with one of more than 30 companies that represented the Diversity Career Fair that took place last Thursday. This was the sixth year of the Diversity Career Fair hosted by the University of Advising and Career Development Center.

U-M instructor teaches Ojibwe

“Maajtaadaa,” says University of Michigan instructor Howard Kimewon, as his lecture at EMU begins [maajtaadaa means let’s start].