Josh Hoppstock


GM talks about hiring students

A job at GM might be simpler for an Eastern student to obtain than one might think. Several General Motors employees stopped by the Student Center to answer questions about working for the industry giant.

Seena Skelton will close the Porter Chair Lecture series

Seena Skelton will be speaking at Eastern Michigan University’s Student Center. Skelton will be speaking on the topic of “Institutionalizing Cultural Knowledge: A process for engaging in critical reflection on policy.” Skelton works for the regional Equity Assistance Center, located at Indiana University.

EMU's work and hopes for Google Glass

Eastern Michigan University’s College of Technologies is using Google Glass to experiment with augmented reality.The department purchased two pairs of Google Glasses in July, and Phillip Cardon, one of the leading professors in the augmented reality experiments, said Google Glass technology is a stepping-stone to new possibilities.“This will revolutionize how we teach,” Cardon said.