Josh Coudret


New student leaders sworn into office

Last year’s Eastern Michigan University Student Body President Antonio Cosme summed up the feeling of many outgoing Student Government members at the Senate transition meeting on Tuesday night.

Julea Ward supported in appeal

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office issued a statement Friday saying he filed an amicus brief supporting Julea Ward as she appeals the summary judgment awarded to Eastern Michigan University in a U.S. District Court case from last July.

Student Senate keeps president position open

The Eastern Michigan Student Senate narrowly voted against a resolution that would make students who are not in Student Government ineligible to run for the position of student body president or student body vice president.

Firing upheld by appeals committee

Former Director of Political Action Sabrina Ford’s firing from the Student Government Executive Board was upheld at a Judicial Committee of Appeals Tuesday night following a Student Senate meeting.

Student Senate opposes House Bill restricting Bridge Cards

The Eastern Michigan University Student Senate resolved to oppose Michigan House Bill No. 4165, which aims to restrict certain college students from receiving government food assistance, and appointed a new Election Commissioner at a meeting Tuesday.

EMU campus disagrees with national study

A study that was the basis for the book “Academically Adrift” says students in undergraduate universities are not learning what they should be, but many at Eastern Michigan University feel that is not the case in their programs.