Josh Foster


'Pippi' brings out inner child of theater

When you consider the back-talking, truancy, aiding and abetting of criminals, evading arrest and owning a horse and a monkey without proper permits, Pippi Longstocking might not be the best role model for kids. What the character lacks in conventional law-abiding citizenry, she more than makes up for with her ingenuity, heart, simplicity and innocence. It is these characteristics Director Pam Cardell excelled at bringing to the Eastern Michigan University Theatre’s stage production of “Pippi Longstocking.”

LGBT-led tournament to raise money for HIV

As the smoke cleared and the dust settled, the true winners of the tournament emerged. “Team Rocawear,” consisting of Information Technologies major Alphonso Mann, 22, and Computer Sciences/IT major, Deontae Mack, 21, the controllers of Link and Meta Knight in the Wii video game “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” would be crowned winners of the LGBT Resource Center’s “Smash for Cash.”

'Hit By a Car' group teaches improvisation

From 7-9 p.m. every Friday, Eastern Michigan University’s “Hit By a Car Improv Troupe” gathers in the Student Center, usually in room 301, for two hours of wacky, fun and completely off-the-cuff comedy.

Theo's holds weekly night of comedic entertainment

This past Tuesday, Theo’s Bar and Grill, located at 705 West Cross Street, directly across the street from campus, featured “Comedy Night,” a night filled with stand-up and improvisational comedy.

Laugh Lounge leaves some with tears in their eyes

Campus Life’s Lounge series began Thursday with Laugh Lounge, a free comedy night featuring local comedians and free snacks in room 300 of the Eastern Michigan University Student Center. The room was filled to capacity with some students left standing or sitting on the floor.

'Little Me' is engaging musical comedy romp

As audience members filed in to Eastern Michigan University’s production of “Little Me” at Sponberg Theatre this past Saturday, musical director, arranger and performer R. MacKenzie Lewis engaged the audience with comedic musical improv harkening back to ‘60s era Rat Pack.

Late night twist on classic Frisbee game

His socks wet from the dewy grass soaking through his shoes, Benji defied gravity and deftly plucked the plastic disc with the eerie green light from the sky, crashing into the wet field to cheers from teammates and good-humored groans from his competitors.

Area parks will host local summer events

While Eastern Michigan University certainly is a commuter school, many students still remain in the Ypsilanti area during the summer months. For those students, Ypsilanti may seem like a ghost town, but there are many events happening in two of the parks nearest campus.