Katie Remski


Katie's Craft Corner: Decoupage Easter eggs

Easter eggs are typically all made in the same manner – hard boil some eggs, mix some coloring agent (tablet, food coloring, plant) and vinegar, let egg sit and absorb color. In reality, there’s many ways to cover a white shell, and one of those ways is decoupage.

Katie's Craft Corner: Easter Eggs

When someone says “dyeing Easter eggs,” I believe one naturally thinks of either boxed Paas kits with those entertaining fizzy pellets or, if you were from a more frugal household, McCormick food coloring with which you could play mad scientist and mix colors. Certainly, before searching for ideas for this Easter Craft Corner, I never thought of doing anything differently.

Portfolio fair offers career opportunities

Eastern Michigan University’s Apparels, Textiles, and Merchandising department hosted their 3rd annual portfolio fair at the Student Center Monday. The event was for juniors, seniors and graduate ATM students to showcase their work to industry professionals.

Katie's Craft Corner: Color wheel quilt

As a lover and collector of yarn, I often find myself searching for online stores where I can at least daydream about the gorgeous colors and textures of luxury yarn even if I can’t cough up $30 for a single skein.

Katie's Craft Corner: New Crafts

Most of the common hobbies today—sewing, crocheting, candlemaking, etc—have been around as long as people have needed things like clothes and candles. While these are fun and useful, they’re not particularly groundbreaking. With this being the generation of internet sharing, a few cool and unusual twists on everyday crafts have come into being.

Katie's Craft Corner: Natural skincare products

With the breezes starting to blow a little warmer, heavy sweaters and foot-encasing boots are starting to be relinquished, revealing dry, winter-damaged skin. While there are lots of products out there at various price points to remedy flaking, parched skin, making your own is simple and has many added benefits.

Katie's Craft Corner: Celtic Knot

St. Patrick’s Day tends to be a widely celebrated “mini holiday” regardless of whether or not you’re Irish, as is perfectly acceptable, since it is a saint’s feast day and not so much a national holiday. Intricate Celtic knots are a more beautiful, history-laden way to dip into Irish heritage than the usual beer and leprechauns.

Katie's Craft Corner: Craft Organization

This past week, I was gifted with an entire storage system for all my knitting supplies and yarn, complete with bins, boxes, bags and a cubbyhole shelving unit to hold it all. While taking tangled skeins and mismatched needles out of their random plastic bins and tote bags, I’m reminded of why organizing your supplies is so important, no matter your craft.

Katie's Craft Corner: One-Yard Wonders review

When just beginning to sew or simply looking for easy projects, one yard of inexpensive cotton blend fabric is the ultimate versatile canvas. While I could compile a small list of sewing projects from my personal experiences, encouraging you to invest in the well-written, charming book “One-Yard Wonders” is more worthwhile.