Katie Milewski


Michigan Theater piece of history

Ann Arbor is known as a more progressive town, but nestled among boutique shops, clubs and restaurants on East Liberty downtown, there’s a slice of cinema history: The Michigan Theater.

Black Jake and the Carnies play Ypsi

Ypsilanti is a unique town. That’s more a statement of fact than opinion. There are one of a kind restaurants, bars and there’s even a water tower shaped like a giant, well, you know.

Film set takes up Ypsi street

Thanks to the business of big budget movies, local university students have had the unique opportunity to be a part of the film-making industry.

Oprah's 25-year reign concludes, ends era

There are a lot of things you could call my generation. We’re a group of people whose lives have been defined by Pokémon and Harry Potter, September 11 and technology.

Cars, music, food and a festival; Ypsi has them all

Depot Town Cruise Nights – If you’re an autophile, be sure to check out the Depot Town Cruise Nights. Set in the back drop of historic Depot Town every Thursday night, weather permitting, classic cars line the road by Sidetrack and Aubree’s. For those who aren’t so into cars, take advantage of the music that is as much of a staple in America as the cars. Making this weekly event even better is that it’s free to attend, a bonus for any cash-strapped college student. The event begins the first Thursday in June and runs through mid September.

'Bridesmaids' is beyond chick flick genre

If you want to see a chick flick, “Bridesmaids,” isn’t for you. In spite (or maybe because) of its all female cast, this film shines as a comedy about friendship and life and is not just a movie for you and your girlfriends.