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Retouched photos destroying girls' self-esteem, body image


A sense of self-loathing, shame, unattractiveness and low self-esteem can happen as early as elementary school, especially for young girls. The cause for this type of anguish isn’t always bullying or being left out of a clique. The sources of body image issues vary, but there is one that gets the biggest amount of blame.

People should focus more on how to reach their goals


One of the most common questions that a 5-year-old is asked is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In order to answer such a question, a 5-year-old needs time to think and consider their options, so probably about 10 or 30 seconds. The answer is always impulsive – they usually say the first thing that comes to mind. Their favorite person, their favorite cartoon character or their latest obsession could influence their answer. Whatever the answer is, it is quick, decisive and they are absolutely confident in it.

Interracial dating


I was 15 and participating in a program that included all kinds of students from the Midwest. We stayed in Marquette, Mich. for an entire summer going on field trips, taking summer classes, camping and, of course, dating. A group of students were having a conversation about race and dating; Jim, a group advisor, chimed in on the discussion sharing his experiences and explained how college was an eye-opening time for him. Jim said he had never met what he referred to as a black-haired person, a person outside of the Caucasian race, until he went to college.

Homelessness cannot be written off with stereotypes


I once met a girl that was convinced that the majority of, if not all, homeless people were lazy, uneducated, irresponsible drug addicts.

Where are African-Americans in punk?


One of the coolest styles of the past fall season was punk. With tattoos, piercings, body modification and colorful, messy hair, punk style was back on the mainstream circuit.

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