Lamaria Reed


What's your culture cooking?

Grab your forks and dig in. It is almost that time were we come together as a family and pig out on our favorite dishes.

Ferguson: Who is to blame?

Looting in our own communities makes no sense. I understand that as a unit we are mad but what about when this is all over and this just becomes another faint memory we are going to look around and say we destroyed our community for what.

Common Core math a terrible idea

The new standard of math has taken the teacher out of the classroom and instead made them into facilitators and aids of Common Core math, the new math of self-discovery.

Apple iPhone 6 is a disappointment

The iPhone 6 is finally here, after a year since the last iPhone was unveiled. Talks of a bigger screen, being able to FaceTime with multiple people, wireless charging and a swipe keyboard had iPhone users worldwide ready to get their hands on one.

Everyone deserves a college education

Every individual in the U.S. is entitled to an education. No matter our race or ethnic background, an education is one thing that is promised to us.

Natural hair: Is it appropriate?

Afros, twist-outs, dread locks and flat twist have become increasingly popular within the last couple of years, primarily in the black community.