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Opinion: Yes, even leftists should vote for Biden

While the hearts of progressives may push them to embrace “Bernie or Bust,“ a victorious Biden in November would cause less Americans to suffer due to relatively more progressive policies on immigration, fossil fuels, and the Middle East.

Opinion: Achieving herd immunity without a vaccine could be the only way to end the COVID-19 pandemic

Among the unknowns of the COVID-19 pandemic is the potential for herd immunity via a majority of Americans contracting and recovering from the virus. While social distancing is a proper first response, a long-lasting lockdown may have far-reaching consequences ideologically and economically. Soon we must approach the next step of our response, and that response requires more Americans to contract the virus as we receive more data and develop more “best practices.”

Opinion: Bloomberg is not the answer

Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg, a billionaire and stop-and-frisk supporting ex-Republican, is not the candidate to beat Trump, despite his recent surges and endorsements.

Opinion: Trump’s killing of Iran’s Soleimani was an act of war

The assassination of Soleimani was not only an act of war and shockingly shortsighted but it raises deeper questions about the power of the US executive branch. Unfortunately, as long as both parties fully support this executive authority when someone from their side sits in the White House, nothing will change in the foreseeable future.