Marcus Lawniczak


Opinion: John James is anything but a conservative outsider

Failed 2018 Senate candidate John James announced that he will be running for the Senate again in 2020. The Republican is a self-proclaimed “conservative outsider,” but his 2018 campaign, policy positions and strong support from President Trump suggest the opposite.

Allowing prisoners to vote is not a radical idea

At a CNN presidential town hall on Monday, April 22, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders argued that American citizens behind bars should be able to cast a ballot. Many in the mainstream media pounced on this statement by the presidential candidate, claiming it to be radical and far-left. But the reality, something the U.S. legacy media is not always in accordance with, is far different. 

Increase in Parking Citations Shows Negatives of Privatization

In December 2017, Eastern Michigan University’s Board of Regents approved a 35-year contract with LAZ Parking, officially privatizing campus parking. The decision, which resulted in a one-time $55 million payment to the university, led to a major increase in parking citations. Continued privatization is a dangerous path for the university to take.

Line 5 Needs to be Decommissioned Sooner

On March 28, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order nullifying approved construction of a tunnel encased oil pipeline underneath the Straits of Mackinac. Once completed in seven to ten years, Enbridge’s Line 5 oil pipeline would have been decommissioned.