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Lessons learned in kindergarten still apply in college

I think EMU orientation should include mandatory review of the basic lessons or life rules we all learned in kindergarten (if we attended kindergarten in this country). Since there are plenty of international students that did not live here when they were five years old and, since some of us haven’t been in kindergarten in more years than we care to count, review of these rules should be mandatory for ALL students (ESPECIALLY COMMUTER STUDENTS) upon entry to EMU.

Drones used for good

Just last night I saw a brief news story about the Federal Aviation Administration starting to consider new flight rules to adopt in consideration of flying drones that are starting to take to the skies in our country.

Letter to the Editor

In the Eastern Echo Jan. 5 issue, Opinions Editor Jennifer Kirby wrote a great column espousing the benefits of art programs in schools and why they are worth keeping.