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The Late Station Hosts Ypsi Local Bands

When it comes to parties and events at EMU, nothing can top the house show. There’s something magical about walking into a stranger’s dimly lit, poster covered basement to hear some trippy indie or punk music from a local garage band. While house shows with local live music from Ypsi and Ann Arbor seem to be on the decline in recent years, things might soon be looking up for the scene.

EMU Lecturers and Faculty Ad Campaign Against Academic Partnerships

Ypsilanti, Michigan--Faculty and lecturers at Eastern Michigan University have come forward with plans for an advertisement campaign and actions targeting an outside education firm, Academic Partnerships (AP), from Texas. The purpose of the campaign, spearheaded by union leaders, is to fight against the University’s decision to partner in a 5-year agreement with AP and begin offering fully online Bachelor’s Degree programs through the firm.