Michael Negron


Let's stop talking about Donald Trump

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t talk about Trump, but in the face of yet another media feeding frenzy following the very real potential for “Trump-Palin 2016,” I’m breaking that this once to call out the proliferators of Trump’s politics.

The LGBT community is its own worst enemy

Most of those reading have probably heard the term "The LGBT Community." When spoken politically, as it often is, the most common associations are with a perceived threat to civil liberties or sometimes simply waxing poetic about The Community's strength and courage, but the name itself betrays a disturbing quality of its existence.

The opioid epidemic is a lie

Many people have talked about the failure of the war on drugs. It's no secret that in spite of decades of attempts, little to nothing has improved.

When art enables abuse

In most forms of journalism and critique, there's an aspiration toward objectivity. Certainly, some forms call on it more than others, but in the world that I come from—music criticism and, in a larger context, culture journalism—the opinions of the writer are inextricably linked to the subject they're courting.