Michael Cassar


Immigration reform still requires review for success

While illegal immigration has temporarily been out of public interest, in favor of more pressing economic issues and more salacious airport security stories, there is no more an agreed-upon solution now than there was at the height of the debate surrounding Arizona’s recent, but increasingly forgotten, immigration law

Thanksgiving is culinary NyQuil

As much as I’d like to take Thanksgiving and use it as a backdrop to craft an ode to nationalism, my enthusiasm for jingoism is dampened by just how dull this holiday actually is.

Democrats lose ground

The elections this past week showed heavy Republican gains at every level of government, falling 38 years short of James Carville’s predicted 40 years of Democratic dominance.

Catholics threatened in Middle East

For the past few weeks, 250 participants in the Catholic Church’s Synod of Bishops for the Middle East have converged to discuss issues facing the Church in the region. John L. Allen reports that of the 185 attending bishops, 140 do not belong to the Latin Rite.

Obama backs debatable candidate for Congress

At first glance, it should not be particularly noteworthy that President Obama should choose to make an appearance in a political ad on behalf of Cedric Richmond, the Democratic challenger to Republican Joseph Cao’s seat.

Representative Grayson launches verbal attack

Firebrand Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson is now facing a strong backlash after an attack ad launched against his opponent, Daniel Webster, took Webster’s words out of context while comparing him to the Taliban.