Nick Schlain


Packers still look good vs. Bears

Last weekend, we almost had four NFL playoff games that made sense. On Saturday, Pittsburgh took care of business at home and beat the Ravens; Aaron Rodgers was able to throw at will against Atlanta’s secondary as the Packers rolled to victory. Sunday afternoon, the Bears beat the Seahawks despite a very interestingly coached fourth quarter.

Hall of Fame vote overlooks former Tigers

The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame recently concluded a vote by the Baseball Writers Association of America. The voting process has been the subject of great scrutiny. despite electing two deserving candidates in second baseman Roberto Alomar and starting pitcher Bert Blyleven, the process is still a mess.

Commentary: NFL playoffs begin; Lions end valiantly

It’s been weeks since my last column ran on Dec. 8 and, yes, a lot has changed. If you recall, it was then that I encouraged fans and media alike to pardon the poor 2-10 Detroit Lions and refrain from judging the team strictly on results when the team is playing (and playing hard) without it’s starting quarterback.

Strength of pitchers continues into October

After the divisional round of the Major League Baseball playoffs, it looks like the “Year of the Pitcher” will continue into October. The most important player of round one was Texas Ranger Cliff Lee, who beat the Tampa Bay Rays twice in what was the only five-game first round series.

Tigers fans prep for non-playoff season

It might seem like a silly question to ask this late in the season with the Tigers still sitting far back in the American League Central and all, but like it or not there will be baseball in Detroit this September.