Professor John G. Fike

Recent articles

It's time to raise the minimum wage


If you’re working your way through Eastern Michigan University and think your boss should raise your salary, you’re right. There are sound economic reasons why you should be earning a minimum of $22 an hour right now. Want to look closer?

2014 should be a year of social innovation


Great possibilities lie ahead this year. We need this to be a year of social innovation – overcoming the ill effects of the corporate world’s focus on technological innovation over the last two centuries.

Causes of distrust in society must be addressed


Looking to the year ahead, wouldn’t it be great if we could take significant strides toward economic sustainability, peace and real justice for the people of our world? But corporate use of government to pleasure the privileged prevents us from exercising world leadership in humanity’s quest for a better life for everyone.

Voting can weaken elites’ power


Our constitutional framework is not effective without continual reinforcement by our citizens – you and me. If the people don’t put up a mighty resistance every time the 1 percent try to take over, the aristocracy aggrandizes itself.

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