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The Michigan Murders Part 3: The Trial

On the third installment of our Michigan Murders Series, we take you back to the courtroom where it all happened and walk you through John Norman Collins’ trial. After a long year for Ypsilanti, Collins finally meets his fate. 

The Michigan Murders Part 2: John Norman Collins

How did Collins manage to completely avoid police attention for nearly a full year? And what was he doing in the two-year span between his first crime and his arrest? We take a closer look at the Michigan Murderer himself, and why no one expected that it would be John Norman Collins. 

The Michigan Murders: Series Trailer

Between the summers of 1967 and 1969, seven young women were found dead in Washtenaw County. This launched a frantic manhunt for a serial killer in Ypsilanti. No one could have foreseen what the hunt would bring. 

Poetry reflects life inside Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, "The Writers' Bloc: Poetry from Inside Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility," served as the third and final segment in this semester's Star Lecture Series, titled, "Ideas into Action." A panel of volunteer facilitators and poets shared their experiences in a poetry workshop held within the women’s correctional facility just twenty minutes from EMU’s campus.

Wellness Series - Part 1: Mental Wellness

Homecoming celebrations are over and stress is in the air. Maybe you’ve skipped a class, a meal or several hours of sleep. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, music ed. or pre-med, everyone can feel it because the last six weeks have been leading up to this very moment. Midterm season. Schoolwork and stress are unavoidable but The Echo team is here to remind you to take care of yourself this month.  

October 7, 2019

In this week’s news overview, we’re bringing you updates on the Pease Auditorium Lot carjacking, a preview of Student Government’s upcoming physical and mental wellness programming, and important news about the Business and Finance Committee budget.