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*Good riddance, Julea Ward By Jodi F. Bullock* Four years after it began, eastern michigan university has settled a lawsuit brought by former student Julea Ward for $75,000. Ward was kicked out of the graduate counseling program after she referred a gay client to another counselor because as an evangelical Christian she believes that homosexuality is immoral.

Athletic funds could be used for academics

It’s time we re-examine Eastern Michigan University’s football program. Again. In a Dec. 3 front-page column, The Eastern Echo sports editor called for the firing of head coach Ron English. With an overall record of 10-38, I agree. However, I suggest the Board of Regents refrain from its usual knee-jerk reaction of addressing the football program’s failure by tossing more dollars at it.

Deliver worthier news, not just horse race stats

Answer this question: Why was it important to know which presidential candidate was leading in the national polls on October 22? If you properly answered “It wasn’t” then you may move on to the next column. However, if your interest is sparked, continue reading.

Time to invest in public infrastructure

When is the right time to invest in national infrastructure? Is it before a bridge collapses? Perhaps when the economy is down and an infusion of jobs is needed?

Staff music picks: October

“While it’s not new, the 2009 ‘BlakRoc’ album by The Black Keys is still on my iPhone playlists and has one of the highest play counts of any album I own (and I have over 20,000 songs in my music library). Hip-hop producer Damon Dash, cofounder of Roc-A-Fella Records, initiated the recording project because he wanted to work with The Keys, so he brought hip-hop artist Jim Jones into the studio to record with them.

Clinton delivers powerful speech

Former President Bill Clinton might be the most likable, effective politician of our generation. His speech performance at last week’s Democratic National Convention made President Barack Obama’s seem mediocre.

Student Debt

Fall 2012 will see another wave of students entering another college semester. For some it will be their first. Incoming freshmen should ask themselves two questions: How will students and their parents pay for it? And is the four-year college track really the right one for them?