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Wellness Woof Howl-oween

There were tricks and dog treats this past Tuesday, Oct. 31 on the fifth floor of the Rec-IM Building as students gathered, some in costume, for a therapeutic Halloween experience during the latest installment of Eastern Michigan University’s Wellness Center’s Wellness Woof program. 

Ypsilanti: Ann Arbor's cool little sister

Have you ever told somebody that you go school in Ypsilanti and they try to cut you down by saying, “Oh, Ann Arbor’s little sister,” as if it was some sort of insult?

Entertain your Mondays with WWE

It’s no secret that Monday nights in Ypsilanti aren’t usually bumping, especially in winter. Cold weather is still here, keeping people inside, which is perfect timing for ABC reality shows like “The Bachelor” to air, but what about the people who aren’t into watching shows like that? For those not into an evening of whiney bachelorettes and wine, then pizza and pro wrestling might be a better suited combination for a fun friend filled night on campus. WWE’s flagship show has been on TV for over 20 years and can be seen on the USA network from 8-11:07 p.m.

Two books to help crunch time managment

Good news –Two Months to go. Bad news – Only two months to get it done. Time management, a concept preached about by work managers, coaches and your emotional aunts during your high school graduation party, has grown into a big money business with lots of products like trendy planners, blogs and books written to turn your “struggle time” into “clobbering time.” Time management isn’t just about watching deadlines; it’s about planning goals and breaking each goal down into smaller achievable steps.

Seven tips to survive Super Bowl gatherings

You don’t need to be a fan of sports to enjoy Super Sunday. This weekend millions of Americans will gather together in bars and homes sharing food and laughs while watching a new NFL Champion take its throne. For many of you, this might be the very first year you attend one of these annual sports ball shindigs.

Food delivery tips

Have you ever woken up without hitting that snooze alarm, showered, looking your best and ready get some food with friends, then you open the door to face the world and BOOM... winter’s wind hits you like John Cena beating your face with a bag of ice? Welcome to Michigan.

EMU student provides Thanksgiving meals to less privileged families

With great Lions tickets, dinner at daddy’s and a 5 a.m. wake-up call for Black Friday, I honestly felt that I was going to be “the man,” when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving weekend traditionally; boy was I a turkey. This past weekend, Russell “Tae” Smith, a Public Relations sophomore at Eastern Michigan University, showed his thanks to the universe by making sure to give back to the less fortunate families in Detroit, something he’s done and enjoyed for about 10 years.

Campus Life hosts laser tag in Student Center

The EMU Student Center Grand Ballroom was transformed into a war zone on Tuesday as hundreds upon hundreds of campus warriors deployed for some serious laser combat. Students braved lines that lasted over an hour and a half as Campus Life hosted Laser Tag, an evening of fun where students donned equipment, grabbed laser guns and battled each other in a dark room filled with foam obstacles, cool lighting effects, and of course, loud music.

Quench your thirst with these popular fall beverages

Well folks, it’s that time of year when many people trade in their colorful tank tops & Slurpees for North Face gear & pumpkin spiced everything. For many people, this seasonal transition can make you feel pretty salty.