Silvana Taylor


Afirmative Action under microscope at U of Texas

The University of Texas put an interesting spin on the tired debate concerning affirmative action when Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito challenged a particular statement within a brief from the university.

Consider opposing viewpoint

Another week, another depiction of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad that infuriated someone enough to cause a deadly protest. It’s difficult to tell which will happen first: Non-Muslims no longer referencing the prophet in films and cartoons, or small Islamic groups no longer perpetuating the stereotype that Muslims are violent and deadly.

Difficult to break unfair cycle

The mistreatment of impoverished people is not uncommon in the United States, where those going through the McDonald’s drive-thru are incredibly impatient with the people making their food.

Tips for incoming freshmen

Although I have no regrets about my college experience at Eastern Michigan University, there are some things I wish I had known sooner.

Get the hint: Don't be a clinger, it isn't flattering

One of the many privileges that some people often enjoy when in a relationship is dictating how a significant other spends his or her time and complaining if it is not within expectations. When people who are not in an exclusive relationship try to do this however, they become a clinger.

Entitlement isn't going to really help you out in the real world

How seriously do we take our responsibilities and our lot in life? There is a striking difference in the reality of someone who can rely on parents or other family members to carry them until a certain age and the reality of someone who must fend for him- or herself.

Stay informed, speak up

When immigrants wish to become naturalized United States citizens, they are expected to take an exam administered by the U.S.