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CloseUp Theatre performs as part of the MLK 2020 Celebration

CloseUp Theatre held its performance titled Revelations with the theme “Rise Up Against Injustice” on Monday, Jan. 20. This event is one of several events held in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. this past weekend.  Skits presented explored topics such as sexual assault, toxic masculinity, immigration reform, stereotypes, racism, homophobia and social justice overall.

Meet the members of EMU alumni group GameAbove

GameAbove has been making donations to EMU since last year. The group consists of an advisory board of EMU alumni with a desire to give back to EMU. Some advisory board members are former athletes, entrepreneurs and have been successful in their careers.

EMU awards special recognition to minority and international students

Students of color and international students received special recognition at the Multicultural Graduation Celebration for Fall 2019. Graduates received stoles of their choice to represent their culture, heritage and academic success. A Multicultural Graduation Celebration will also be held for Winter 2020 graduates.