Sophie Barterian


Whiskey Shivers

Led by singer and fiddler Bobby Fitzgerald, Whiskey Shivers mixes roots music and bluegrass with a rock and punk style for an interesting twist.

New artist to look forward to this spring

Charlie Belle, an alternative/indie pop group from Austin, Texas, is one to watch in 2015. Having released their debut EP “Get To Know” this January, the young band showcases a cute, catchy style that embodies a summer of adolescence. The band is made up of Jendayi Bonds on guitar, her brother Gyasi Bonds on drums, and Lola Carroll on bass.

Hit me baby one more time

Full of grunge, alternative rock, and teen pop songs, the 90s was a breeding ground for golden one hit wonders from British garage bands to spunky outspoken women to teenagers with angst to spare.

The Kellman Khronicles

In the depths of the mysterious King Hall lies an office, one labeled only by the black numbers 225.

James Davis makes a powerful comeback

 Raised on American blues, James “Boo Boo” Davis is one of the remaining few musicians who learned to sing and play the blues first-hand while picking cotton in the Mississippi Delta.At 71 years of age, we still haven’t seen the last of Boo Boo Davis. Black and Tan Records dug up this lesser known bluesman and asked him to record a couple of his songs with only a harmonica and his voice.