Treonna Turner


'The Boy Who Loved Monsters' makes audience laugh and teaches heartfelt lessons

“I wish I had a monster that would eat my whole family so we could go on adventures instead of going to bed,” said Evan, Act 1, played by Jake Daily. On Friday, May 29, Eastern Michigan University’s Theatre put on an original and hilarious play called “The Boy Who Loved Monsters and the Girl Who Loved Peas” at the Sponberg Theater on EMU’s campus.

Masters of art and fashion

Fashion illustration is the forefront for design and sometimes advertising. Before anything gets designed someone has to draw it first and even in vogue’s beginning stages before there were cameras to take pictures of models, Vogue had their own in house fashion illustrator to draw the women you would see in the magazines.

Love your curls

Dove released another campaign for beauty video called Love your Curls. The video begins with girls from ages five to eight years old talking about how they hate their naturally curly hair.

Make me a daisy

Spring has finally sprung. Okay, maybe not in the real world, but in the world of designer Marc Jacobs it sure has. Jacobs has recently released a new fragrance on his on going line called Daisy Eu So Fresh.

Fashion inspired: Selma

The movie Selma is a powerful story retelling the days and events of the Civil Rights era. Selma not only focuses on Dr. Martin Luther King’s actions as a political activist, but on his personal life showing a side of him that is relatable.

Fashion spotlight: Emma Chota

My new fashion obsession is Emma Chota from red band society. For those of you who haven’t watched Red banned society, it’s a TV show on Fox that follows the life of a group of teenagers in the pediatric ward of Ocean Park hospital in Los Angeles, California.