3/24/2021, 5:46pm

Historical Helen

Check out the first issue of the all new series Historical Helen! This week, Helen travels to the year 1518 during the reign of the Dancing Plague!

3/22/2021, 6:45pm


Our favorite arachnid heroes Poison-Spider and Pale-Spider have run across the new web slingin' hero in their city, Golden-Spider. It just makes you wonder why there are so many spider-related heroes?

3/20/2021, 2:54pm

Steel Eagle #12

Our half-of-a-hero Ryan García was working late into the night when he heard the faint scratching of... something. Upon investigating it, he discovered the source of his late night annoyance is a robot falling apart?! Is this robot here for violence? Or is it here for peaceful reasons?

3/9/2021, 3:22pm


The gadget hero Grappler still has a life outside of the mask, but his two lives often butt heads, especially when it comes to answering the phone?

3/9/2021, 3:22pm

Steel Eagle #11

One year ago, Ryan García was a freelance robotics engineer, he just wasn't exactly all that successful. After a business venture falls through, Ryan returns to his apartment where he aims to continue his work, but a mysterious interference in the dead of night may have other plans for the tired inventor...

3/1/2021, 6:42pm


Hannah Vallery (a.k.a. the magical heroine Devil Angel) and Aela Phillips (a.k.a. the clone daughter of the hero Poison-Spider) finally go on a shopping trip together! But their trip is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious figure...

2/23/2021, 4:53pm


Does math make your head spin too? Well, our heroine Devil Angel doubts its making hers spin, it instead may be from the punch she took while being a hero!

2/17/2021, 4:22pm

Steel Eagle #10

When did the vigilante Steel Eagle get into his crime-fighting ways? That story begins one year ago when Ryan García was still focused on his career as a freelance robotics inventor. But where is the suit that makes up the other half of the vigilante known as Steel Eagle? We will have to wait for such answers as the story continues to unfold!

2/9/2021, 6:40pm


The monstrous hero Monstra-Man is just like anyone and has a favorite show, but his hero work seems to always get in the way of him watching it...

2/3/2021, 12:51pm

Steel Eagle #9

Last time we learned Steel Eagle was two individuals: the suit is a robot nicknamed Swoop, and the human element to the known vigilante is a man named Ryan. This week, we learn Ryan's last name is "García" as his landlord, Ms. Salla, has come knocking about his late-hour, rooftop activities. When did Ryan's life even get this hectic?

2/2/2021, 4:43pm


The man of science hero, Grappler, is having a hard time accepting time travel is so casually possible by a newly met individual: Forever!

1/25/2021, 4:13pm


The arachnid hero Poison-Spider was somehow cloned, so now he has a daughter to take care! This may be more than he can handle alone, so he calls in for support from his girlfriend, Hannah Vallery, a.k.a. Devil Angel!

1/21/2021, 5:57pm

Steel Eagle #8

The vigilante of New Ypton, Steel Eagle, has returned home from a day of patrol and taking down criminals, but Steel Eagle is not one person, but two beings! The suit of armor known as GE-1849, or "Swoop", and a human man named Ryan. But before the pair could settle in for the night, a knock at the door draws their attention... Who could be at the door this late? Find out in the next issue of Steel Eagle!

1/19/2021, 12:53pm


The heroine Devil Angel's magic comes from her angelic partner, Mala, but having another person in her head is not all benefits.

12/9/2020, 5:08pm

Steel Eagle #7

After a long day in the city of New Ypton, we now follow the vigilante Steel Eagle, all the way back to his own home...

12/8/2020, 6:06pm


Monstra-Man has ran into a pair of unknown foes, that was until he learned they were monsters who worked for the government?!