11/4/2020, 12:36pm

Steel Eagle #5

The vigilante has arrived onto the scene of a hostage crisis, it's now or never for the police to step in to make sure no one gets hurt! But as the street cops Jean Nack and Carlina Mevenda enter the building, they find a scene they didn't expect to see.

10/25/2020, 9:22am

Steel Eagle #4

Street cops Jean Nack and Carlina Mevenda arrive on the scene of a robbery turned hostage crises. While waiting for a negotiator to alleviate the situation, the vigilante arrives with a crash...

10/24/2020, 4:03pm

Kids R' Us

The creator of Kids R' Us, Isabella Kalakailo, is pumped for another great year of her series!

10/19/2020, 3:59pm


This week is the 2-Year Anniversary of #problemsofacollegesuperhero! The members of Hero Club thank everyone and they hope we all share another great year!

10/19/2020, 2:29pm

Kids R' Us

Enjoy a remastered version of Kids R’ Us's first issue to celebrate its 1-Year Anniversary!

10/12/2020, 3:38pm


The magical heroine Devil Angel is not exactly liked by many people as a hero. She can only take so much criticism! She's still a person, ya know?

10/7/2020, 6:36pm

Steel Eagle #3

Street cops Jean Nack and Carlina Mevenda got word of a robbery in the city of New Ypton! They now race over to the scene in order to beat the vigilante, but their speed may need to be for a different reason as the situation with the robbery changes...

10/7/2020, 6:36pm


Jason Philips, otherwise known as the arachnid hero Poison-Spider, seeks help with his new "daughter", a young girl who claims to have been cloned from his blood. Jason seeks out his partner in crime fighting, the other web-spinning hero, Pale-Spider, but known as Arach Roz outside of the costume.

10/1/2020, 3:26pm

Donut Dayz

Your significant other should always give you a true answer... Even if it hurts...

9/29/2020, 9:31am


Pale-Spider is from another world, and as such has his own ways to calm down. But... Earth has people who don't know what "calm down" really means.

9/23/2020, 2:29pm

Steel Eagle #2

The story of Steel Eagle continues as we now meet two cops who are unaware how big of an effect the vigilante will have on their job.

9/17/2020, 3:16pm


The vigilante Shade Feather failed to stop a mercenary from blowing up an apartment building, and she hasn't stopped thinking about it. The hero, E-Mo, who is also her boyfriend in their real lives, finds her after the incident. Being a hero isn't all fun and games, and it's a hard lesson to learn...

9/14/2020, 10:02am

Kids R' Us

Sadly, some kids can't reach their dreams. Not because they don't want to, but because their bodies can't keep up. But this doesn't mean their passion will ever fade.

9/10/2020, 7:04am

Steel Eagle #1

This is the first issue of an all new series by Nick M.: Steel Eagle! Be introduced to an all new hero who has a tougher grit than most, and a will made of steel! Stay tuned for more action with this avian hero!