Not all ideas are big

Over the course of two years writing for the Echo, I have had many ideas for articles. Not all of them were long enough to make an actual article, but I believe they are still important. So I have decided to compile some of my better short ideas into an article by themselves.

Republican pundits …
… And the higher-ups, but the pundits — and fake pundits —get the Grand Prize for Idiocy. These people will edit recordings by cutting them and leave out information that nullifies their point.

They are also chronic hypocrites, and lest we forget, the most likely to both teach family values and undermine them with their own actions. And of course, their de facto, if not de jure, leader is a dead man. A very good president and worthy of being followed when he was alive, or at least in office, but his ship has sailed.

Literally, the man got an aircraft carrier named after him. To add to this idiocy, these people will insist it’s the Democrats who are destroying America. *
The Democrats*
The biggest problem with them is they have, you know, brains. They can think and form opinions – even if slanted or biased. Coupled with the party having a large minority base, having different backgrounds; they tend to not agree on things very often.

The recent health care reform issue is a prime example. The Republicans follow a dead man but at least they’re united. Usually. So for the love of this country, find some blasted middle ground and vote on it. You don’t need the GOP to support it; you people are literally in charge of this country, virtually unopposed for a minimum of two years, now down to sixteen months.

Do something already. We can revoke it or fix it later, but get some foundation work or a pie chart or a drawing on the fridge in crayon. Something.

People who hate history
In the words of an anonymous writer, history repeats itself because no one was paying attention the first time. Napoleon invaded Russia. That went so well, Hitler did it, too. Pay attention the first time so we don’t have World War III, or another depression.

People who diss the Echo
The next person to do so within my earshot, student or professor, will have a copy of said paper stuffed down his or her mouth and my most recent article stapled to their shirt.

Well, maybe not, but people, we try our best to give you something to read and keep you informed. Show some respect, this is our job. We do it because WE. LIKE. IT.

I encourage other writers to likewise explain their dissatisfaction with critics, albeit in a less hostile way than I suggested.

And finally,

The Pulitzer Prize Because The Echo does not publish during the summer, I am ineligible – as is any Echo writer – for said prize, because they require any newspaper be published at least once a week, every week, for the year.

Granted, some of these could be whole articles, but for now, they’ll remain musings.

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