4/29/2022, 4:18pm

Self-Destructive Dr. Weezy

Dr. Weezy throws down with Chief Akemu, revealing his ultimate form: Cloud Mode! Bringing a close to his long and wheeze filled adventure!

4/24/2022, 2:58pm

Historical Helen

Helen's pet frog, Kelly, has been a ball of energy lately, so Helen's decided to take her little friend out with her while she does some research for her history paper. But Kelly has other plans in mind: this frog is going to LEAP through time on her own!

4/19/2022, 12:01pm

Self-Destructive Dr. Weezy

Dr. Weezy's crew battles the fearsome Chief Akemu and... They lose!? Now it's time for Dr. Weezy to show the world his true skills!

4/13/2022, 12:00am

Self-Destructive Dr. Weezy

The maniacal Dr. Weezy has gathered his forces to face the new threat: Chief Akemu! And both sides prepare to duke it out on the chosen final battlefield: Illia Island...

4/8/2022, 4:38pm

Historical Helen

Helen has gone back in time to enjoy Notre Dame at its peak, but she grew sad knowing what will transpire in the modern day. However, such an attitude slipped away as she knew the great monument will return to its former glory someday.

4/6/2022, 11:46am


20XX continues with the future of the arachnid hero: Poison-Spider (A.K.A. Aela Phillips)! Now grown up and her own hero, Aela is starting to find her way through the world as a young adult and a new older sister to Samuel Phillips, who is the new, sharp hero: Spider-Fang!

4/5/2022, 9:42am

Self-Destructive Dr. Weezy

With the revival of the hero, A.C., Dr. Weezy reveals there is a new threat on the horizon: the most dangerous man in the city, Chief Akemu is aiming to take it over!

3/23/2022, 2:52pm


The 20XX Arc kicks off with the return of Jason Phillips?! The hero who died came back to life and continues his work as a superhero under a new guise: Hell-Spider! Meanwhile, Hannah Vallery has become a much stronger vampire and continues her hero work now as Devil Vampir! What other secrets await in 20XX?

3/22/2022, 12:02pm

Self-Destructive Dr. Weezy

Dr. Weezy has started up a brand new project: to revive his long lost, hero for justice nephew! Will the mad scientist be successful in reviving this defender of the law?

3/15/2022, 2:24pm

Self-Destructive Dr. Weezy

Dr. Weezy reveals what happened to the late Dr. Sphere: he isn't actually dead! Of course, that doesn't change the fact Dr. Sphere is a DEADbeat dad...

3/14/2022, 2:53pm


The future is coming! The 20XX future! With the end of the creator's time at the Echo's Comic Section coming up, Nick M. will be releasing what awaits all of his series' main characters in the future! And to get you all excited for it, enjoy this sneak peek of every superhero set to appear in the 20XX Arc!

3/1/2022, 8:33am

Self-Destructive Dr. Weezy

The mad Dr. Weezy has gone back in time... 100 million years ago in fact! What new, or old, sights will Dr. Weezy find in this land?

2/28/2022, 9:23am


The leading hero, E-Mo (A.K.A. Kole Zom) is seeking out the help of the ancient wizard, Dunegarde! But his visit with the centuries (maybe?) old being does not go as he planned...