Commentary: Alabama is atop week 7 in Pool's Power Rankings

It’s a new week in college football, which means a new list of power rankings of the nation’s best and worst college football teams from yours truly. This week’s poll not only has some familiar teams, but also some newcomers.

One of the newcomers to the top 10 is almost guaranteed to have a short stay, as No. 7 Cincinnati plays No. 9 South Florida at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in a game of undefeated teams.

Cincinnati is rolling offensively, and is led by quarterback Tony Pike and receiver Mardy Gilyard, who could very well be the best at his position in the nation.

South Florida will go without quarterback Matt Grothe, but backup B.J. Daniels hasn’t missed a beat since coming in three weeks ago. He’s notched wins against Syracuse and Florida State.

If you despise good football, there are a few games this week between some bottom feeders – No. 102 Kent State at No. 118 Eastern Michigan (4 p.m. Saturday) and No. 115 Florida Atlantic at No. 106 North Texas (8 p.m. Saturday).

Kent State could’ve been 3-3, but it allowed Bowling Green to come back and take a 36-35 win in the final minutes. Florida Atlantic is a team that dropped off the map from last season, when it defeated Central Michigan in what was then the Motor City Bowl.

With that said, here’s a look at the rest of the best and the worst. Remember, teams are ranked by record first, then average win percentage (AWP) and finally average loss percentage (ALP).

Top 10
1.) Alabama (6-0, 54.3 AWP, 0 ALP) made sure Mississippi didn’t ruin its shot at a top spot on this list with a 22-3 victory last week. Next opponent: South Carolina (17)

2.) Iowa (6-0, 57.8, 0) moved up a spot with a 30-28 victory over Michigan thanks to a late Denard Robinson interception. Next opponent: Wisconsin (18)

3.) Florida (5-0, 63.4, 0) had the best win of any top 10 team last week. It defeated former No. 1 LSU, 13-3. Next opponent: Arkansas (47)

4.) Kansas (5-0, 74, 0) lucked out last week as Iowa State’s Austen Arnaud missed a wide-open receiver in the end zone on the last play to give Kansas a 41-36 victory. Next opponent: Colorado (105)

5.) TCU (5-0, 78.6, 0) also avoided an upset last week as it edged out Air Force, 20-17. TCU makes its first appearance on this list by moving up six spots from last week. Next opponent: Colorado State (72)

6.) Boise State (5-0, 78.8, 0) had a bye last week to prepare for one of the few difficult tasks left on its schedule. Next opponent: Tulsa (33)

7.) Cincinnati (5-0, 79.6, 0) used its bye week to prepare for fellow top 10 and Big East opponent South Florida. Next opponent: South Florida (9)

8.) Texas (5-0, 80, 0) started slowly against Colorado last week, but took command in the second half to win 38-17. Perhaps Texas was looking ahead to this week’s showdown. Next opponent: Oklahoma (50)

9.) South Florida (5-0, 88.6, 0) is looking for its first victory over Cincinnati since 2005 and has had two weeks to try to figure it out. Next opponent: Cincinnati (7)

10.) Virginia Tech (5-1, 33.6, 5) embarrassed Boston College last week in a 48-14 win. It’s Virginia Tech’s fifth consecutive win since losing its first game to current No. 1 Alabama. Next opponent: Georgia Tech (14)

Bottom 10
111.) Utah State (1-4, 121, 61.7) lost last week to New Mexico State, 20-17. Utah State’s lone win this season was against FCS Southern Utah. Next opponent: Nevada (85)

112.) Washington State (1-5, 13, 49.8) continued its losing ways against Arizona State last week. It won’t lose this week, though, because of a bye. Next opponent: California (51)

113.) Purdue (1-5, 108, 72.6) had a 13-point lead last week before losing 35-20 to Minnesota. It’ll only get harder this week. Next opponent: Ohio State (21)

114.) Miami (0-6, 0, 55.3) kept Northwestern in striking distance last week, but couldn’t muster enough points for the upset. Next opponent: Ohio (40)

115.) Florida Atlantic (0-4, 0, 60.5) didn’t lose last week because of a bye. If only it could be like that every week. Next opponent: North Texas (106)

116.) Rice (0-6, 0, 68.7) allowed 63 points last week … to Navy. Rice will be happy to see the option offense leave Houston. Next opponent: East Carolina (69)

117.) New Mexico (0-5, 0, 73.2) was lassoed by Wyoming last week in a 37-13 defeat to establish itself as the worst team in The Land of Establishment. It’ll get a bye week to right the ship. Next opponent: UNLV (95)

118.) Eastern Michigan (0-5, 0, 75.2) moved up two spots from last week, despite losing 56-8 to Central Michigan. It can thank the bottom two for losing, too. Next opponent: Kent State (102)

119.) Ball State (0-6, 0, 78.3) lost 24-19 to Temple last week and stayed put in the rankings. Next opponent: Bowling Green (96)

120.) Western Kentucky (0-5, 0, 82.2) gave fellow conference member Florida International its first win in a convincing 37-20 contest. Next opponent: Louisiana Lafayette (59)

Mid-American Conference
20.) Central Michigan (5-1, 97, 65)
40.) Ohio (4-2, 85.8, 73.5)
57.) Northern Illinois (3-2, 89.7, 56)
63.) Temple (3-2, 107.3, 77.5)
75.) Western Michigan (3-3, 96, 61.7)
80.) Toledo (3-3, 113.7, 75.3)
96.) Bowling Green (2-4, 79.5, 45.8)
100.) Buffalo (2-4, 101, 76.3)
102.) Kent State (2-4, 116.5, 77.8)
104.) Akron (1-4, 121, 36.5)
114.) Miami (0-6, 0, 55.3)
118.) Eastern Michigan (0-5, 0, 75.2)
119.) Ball State (0-6, 0, 78.3)

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