Letter: EMU should give Greeks more freedom

What attributes of a university does every incoming freshman look for when choosing a college to attend?

In many cases, new college students look for what college they will be able to have more fun and gain positive experiences at. And I believe the lack of fun Eastern Michigan University is exhibiting may be turning away many students.

The largest and most appealing student organization Eastern Michigan had to offer me when I was a freshman was the Greek community. But not since my freshman year in 2006 has the Greek community looked appealing to me, and possibly thousands more freshman who have looked into Eastern Michigan.

Around the country Greek communities are being compared to athletic programs in relation to what is attracting new students. And the first thing that comes to mind here would be that EMU’s athletic programs aren’t really that wonderful. What else does our school have to offer? It most certainly is not the Greek community.

The downfall of Eastern Michigan will be the day when our Greek community hits rock bottom on their current downward slope and our athletic programs continue to fail.

How do we save Eastern Michigan you ask? Well, in my opinion the ridiculous limitations that are forced upon the Greek community on EMU’s campus should be abolished.

I believe as long as we are upholding the grades that make Eastern’s image sparkle, as well as the development of philanthropiec endeavors every year, our Greek organizations should have few to no limitations on how we choose to succeed as an organization.

Socially oriented Greek organizations are some of the most productive organizations in the country with regard to character building, academic integrity and physical awareness.

So why should they be limited to active members? Why should they be limited in the events they host? Why should they be limited if they are one of the most influential incentives to attend a university?

I propose this: Give the Greek community its freedom back and in return see the greatness of Eastern Michigan University restored.

You can give us probation, you can suspend us and you can try to make us invisible, but you will never take our values as organizations and you will never take our ambition to make changes. We are the fuel to keep this campus alive.

_Eric Libkuman
Legal Studies_

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