Democrats appear scared to stand up for themselves

“May we borrow a spine? Ours is missing. Again.” I wonder if the Democratic leadership is ready to run classified ads in an effort to find its backbone for the November elections.

One would think the Democrats should know exactly where to find it given how many times they’ve misplaced it during past elections. However, if you were thinking that, I’d say your mind is playing tricks on you. The Democrats generally have never had the fortitude to stand for their beliefs.

In fact, I can’t think of much of anything they even believe in.

Protectors of the poor? Nope. A new Census report released last week showed poverty at its highest since records have been kept on the subject. Democrats have had full rein of government for several years.

Defenders of free speech? HA! We just came off a week in which most every liberal establishment freely denounced the burning of literature – a long-standing American right and tradition. I don’t think burning the Quran would have helped the troops much, but Pastor Terry Jones didn’t deserve to be torched himself.

Speaking of troops, is keeping peace a Democratic value? Think again. President Obama chose to escalate the Afghanistan War, even though it’s estimated that less than 100 al-Qaida members are left there.

What about workers’ rights? Ever hear of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA? Thanks, President Clinton.

Democrats’ political I.Q seems to hover around room temperature. That seems to fly in the face of a political party that parades the fact they’re so educated. Here’s a little advice Democrats.

First, figure out what you stand for. That doesn’t mean picking special groups and providing them rights over others. If you say you stand for equal rights, then show it. Too many times Democrats claim to stand for a cause only to really support it if it favors one group over another.

After you’ve decided on a set of beliefs, go to the mat defending them.
In 1936, Franklin D. Roosevelt responded to Wall Street’s cries of foul by claiming, “They are unanimous in their hatred of me,” and then declared “and I welcome their hatred.”

Unfortunately, the Democrats capitulated for Wall Street during the Financial Reform legislation; even many liberals thought it should be scrapped.

Democratic voters must think, “If only Democrats would pay more attention to the party’s icon.” Instead, the party’s icon has become 2004 presidential nominee and current Senator John Kerry who, like FDR, has a past profile of courage after speaking against the ills of society. But unlike FDR, Kerry ended up in fast retreat after having his Vietnam record challenged.

If the Democrats refuse to ignite warriors of the past, they need look no further than their own opponents. The Republicans have perfected the art of winning since the 1970s.
They’ve accomplished this through strict discipline and standing (claiming to, at least) for their values. The fact that those values have created a larger wage gap between ultra-rich and middle class, perpetual war, large deficits and deteriorated infrastructure should be a clue to Democrats whom continue losing.

Americans won’t vote for someone they don’t trust or won’t do what they stand for.
So keep governing by poll number, Democrats. The interest rate on my school loans may have drastically risen under Republican rule, but at least I knew it would. Perhaps Democrats should stop wasting time searching for a spine and replace FDR’s image with another to represent the party. I suggest a jellyfish.

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