Heed call to awareness: Wake up, look and listen

America, get out from under your comfort. Do not allow the automatic nature of the modern bubble of our nation to cripple your awareness. Everywhere around you, countless beings are struggling for life. 
It is relatively easy in a so-called developed country to find the things necessary for survival.  Food is overabundant, energy is cheap and the government is a well-established and systematic machine. 
Individual problems do not take into account the destitute poverty and slum-conditioned lives that surround any given city and rural area in the world.  Humans all share one sphere of environment, one atmosphere. 
Each effect will move forward into an avalanche that will consume what we accept as real.  The future is here, and you are driving to work, shopping for groceries, listening to advertisements and watching television.
Do not take what you have as solid — examine the foundations of what exists.  Read the newspaper and then listen to talk radio, take all the sources and form your own truth.  Do not swallow what they are giving you — instead cough it up and do your own work.  
Stop lulling yourself to sleep in the form of buy, buy, spend, spend, take, take, hear, hear. Listen.  
Listen to more than what you are told subconsciously by the handful of corporations that own all you come across.  Take time to think of the local businesses, farmers and people. 
Do unto others as you should expect they would do unto you.  Begin to understand the most important part of any democracy, any life, is the individual constituent.  You have a responsibility to hold your government accountable.  Already many elected government officials get away with heinous crimes without an eye blink from the public.  
You can control your life, your government and your tax dollars.
Examine what is taken to be true and speak for what makes sense.  Believe in something! Remember history, and consider those who have found truth cannot be trusted – those who are searching know.  
Do not take these written words for truth, but search for facts and form your own.  Find out what your local government does with its money.  Tell it what you think and learn from those around you.  
Wake up to the reality of this nation – you can influence with your voice, but only with many unified voices can we truly influence legislative change.  
Remember the movements of the past, when people were directly affected and so responded.  Consider your position on the planet, in a solar system, galaxy, galaxies among galaxies – billions and so infinite our minds cannot comprehend or put it into words.
We are merely an infinitesimal speck of all the life in the world.  Live in attempts to proliferate loving kindness.  If nothing really matters why choose to see life as anything less than magnificent?
Stop swallowing the myths of today’s culture and understand humans are just another step in the Earth’s evolutionary path. We are just another animal, and with consciousness comes consequence. 

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