Pistons work to rebuild team

Pistons' Charlie Villanueva, from left, Kim English and Rodney Stuckey talk after Detroit's practice Tuesday, October 2, 2012, in Auburn Hills, Michigan. (Kirthmon F. Dozier/Detroit Free Press/MCT)

The glory days of the Detroit Pistons from the 2004-05 seasons of the NBA are long gone. Today, the team is in rebuilding mode with young talent but very little experience. What might be a hard coming season for the team this year could be a good step for the team if their young players learn to adapt.

The biggest question of the season is whether rookie center Andre Drummond will be a defensive factor. He was the Pistons first round draft pick this year from general manager Joe Dumars, who has been on the hot seat lately because of bad free agent signings and team regression.

If current center and leading scorer Greg Monroe could move to the power forward position so Drummond could start at the center, the Pistons would have two seven-footers on the court and have a size advantage in the majority of games they play.

The progression of Drummond is crucial, but so is young point guard Brandon Knight, who is entering his second year with the team and needs to focus on stopping turnovers this season. He has the speed and talent to drive to the basket, but needs to slow down when passing. His progression will be helped by veteran shooting guard Rodney Stuckey.

There will be a competitive battle for the starting spot for the small forward position between veteran defender Tayshaun Prince and young player Jonas Jerebko. Jerebko currently has the athletic edge on Prince but lacks the experience and defensive skill so far in his career. Play time will probably be split between the two forwards this season.

The Pistons will have to face off against Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls and the upstart Indiana Pacers this season to claim their division in the NBA east to make it to the playoffs.

Chemistry will have to grow between the young players of the team. But if Drummond can be an elite defender with Monroe, the Pistons could prove deadly. The progression of young players will be a huge factor this season and if they can work together, then the Pistons may be able to move back into the playoff race.

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