If people take action, Detroit can be rebuilt

Neighborhoods that once grew beautiful pastel peonies and shining marigolds are now barren. Homes that held memories of a bright-eyed baby’s first steps are replaced with blown out windows and graffiti-stained walls. This is the depiction of the average Detroit urban community. The urban communities have been neglected and left to wither away to nothing. With help and dedication from the community, neighborhoods can be rebuilt to provide better and safer living.

As a Detroit native I have experienced the beauty in my urban community as well as its deterioration. Urban communities are feeling let down by the city with complaints of not being taken care of. What has not been noted is the lack of help and contribution to the destroying of the neighborhoods by the urban community.

When I was an elementary school student, living in my neighborhood was amazing. The streets were filled with friendly snaggle-toothed children to play with. I attended a school that showed me the importance of getting an education early as well as participating in after-school activities. I attended mentoring programs that helped build my character and more.

Nearly a decade has passed, revealing that my neighborhood along with others are tearing at the seams. Abandoned homes are housing squatters and being robbed of copper. The public school system is neglecting to prepare students for hire learning or supply them with the necessary utensils for class. Detroit has been robbed financially and neglected physically. Before the city goes to a place of no return, the urban community has to rebuild their neighborhood for their sake.

A great way to start rebuilding the urban community is to understand how the neighborhood has changed and why. People can lend a hand by boarding up abandoned homes. Mentoring programs and school supply drives can be created and broadcasted. Instead of watching and complaining about how the neighborhood has turned into a garbage can, take the initiative to clean it up. People in the community have to be the change they would like to see.

There is so much work to be done in the urban community. Nothing will be changed overnight. With a long list of issues that urban communities have, being patient will be crucial to pick what battles to fight head-on and what can be fixed later on. The community will have to be understanding to not only their specific needs, but also the needs of the people who are helping them.

With every great cause there will be a group of people who are dead set against change and would prefer to leave things as they are. If the community stands strong and sticks to their convictions, they will be able to not only improve their neighborhood but show leadership. There is so little time with so much to be done. Change needs to star today.

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