Eagle of the Week: Dori Harrison

Following her performance in the Eastern Michigan volleyball team’s comeback win over Ball State University in five sets Nov. 8, Dori Harrison was named the Eastern Echo’s Eagle of the Week.

“Coming off the bench, I want to bring the fire to the rest of the team,” Harrison said. “When we’re struggling, I want to get everybody back up and get them refocused.”

Harrison started playing volleyball early – with help from her mom.

“I started volleyball around the fourth grade,” Harrison said. “I didn’t really want to play it to begin with, but my mom thought I should play everything and try everything out. I started playing competitively in seventh grade and ever since I’ve had a strong love for the game.”

She had one specific answer for what the first thing would be that she’d do when she got home to Euclid, Ohio – which is about 20 minutes southwest of Cleveland – for the holidays.

“I would just cuddle up with my mom and my sister and just talk,” she said. “I miss being with them. They’re my best friends.”

Harrison is an Apparel Textiles Merchandising major and likes to make clothing in her spare time. She hopes to work for a major clothing company one day.

“I want to get into an internship with Adidas or Nike,” she said. “I want to work with their design team to design new jerseys or new spandex for every sport, I guess. Especially volleyball.”

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