Women need more sensible winter boot options

The season of unique scarf, hat, and glove fashions is upon us. Winter-wear is now sold across the Midwest in all colors, patterns and styles. Yet one particular article of clothing has been severely lacking in efficiency. Most of the women’s winter boots have not been made for Michigan’s cold and harsh winters.

As you walk around campus you will see many women with boots that are not sufficient for winter weather. This is because women are restricted to buying boots for fashion rather than efficiency. Unfortunately I have tried my range of winter boots and was sorely disappointed. I found that Ugg boots are not waterproof, rubber rain boots are not warm, and stylish boots ruin far too easily while walking through the snow.

The issue is not that women do not know these boots are inefficient, but that the supply of fashion forward boots that are actually made for cold and harsh winters is low. Although I am not huge on fashion, I do have my likes and dislikes in terms of style.

I have been able to find quality women’s winter boots for sale on stores’ websites like Macy’s. Unfortunately they usually include a designer label and the cost of an arm and a leg. I do not know about anyone else, but as a college student those boots are out of my budget.

This past weekend I went shopping to try to find a reasonably priced pair of efficient winter boots. Boots in all shades of black and brown lined the walls in a multitude of stores. Most of these boots were only trendy. Out of the dozens of boots I looked at, only one pair would have sufficed as fashionable, warm, and waterproof. The problem was they did not come in my size.

As I continued to look around I found many reasonably priced, waterproof, and efficient men’s boots. I would have considered purchasing a pair had they fit correctly. The men’s section, unsurprisingly, was also not plagued with expensive designer boots.

Why do men have quality winter boots, while women are forced to give up practical winter footwear for purely fashionable ones? Men are not the only gender to participate in outdoor activities during the winter. Women should be given a better variety of reasonably priced and efficient winter boots too.

It is time stores started selling winter boots that function the way they are supposed to. I know I am not the only woman who plans on being outside this winter. Sledding and building snowmen with my nieces and nephews may prove to be difficult if I cannot find the proper footwear that will keep my feet warm and dry.

Stores need to start selling efficient footwear for women during the cold months. The demand for warmer boots is here, and so is winter.

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