Make me a daisy

Spring has finally sprung. Okay, maybe not in the real world, but in the world of designer Marc Jacobs it sure has.

Jacobs has recently released a new fragrance on his on going line called Daisy Eau So Fresh. The very artistic bottle design reminds you of a warm spring day and shows Jacobs obsession with floral design.

He says in his interview with Ana Wintour, Vogue Editor in chief, on Jimmy Fallon “I created the bottle for Daisy from a dream I had and I want people to feel like they’re in a dream when they spray the fragrance on.”

Jacobs has depicted the perfect spring afternoon with a fresh dream-like daisy scent that will make every woman feel mesmerizing. In honor of the romantic season here are three outfits inspired by the spring, the fragrance and the bottles.

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