Office of Nutrition Services holds Cooks Series: students learn how to prepare healthy, cost efficient recipes

Students worked together to prepare a healthy breakfast and learn about nutrition with the Office of Nutrition Services on Tuesday.

The ONS is celebrating National Nutrition Month with a three-part cooking series. Its first class of 10 students focused on breakfast.

The class was led by five dietetic students; graduate student Sarah Purcell, senior Brianna Fessezke, junior Monica Contejean, junior Lauryl Grande, junior Sarah Partch and registered dietitian Allison Jay.

“We’re just trying to let people get in the kitchen and experience cooking because I think sometimes people our age don't know how to cook very well,” Fessezke said. “This is just an opportunity to learn how to cook and some healthy ways of cooking as well.”

The students made quiche toast cups, apple-berry baked oatmeal and raspberry almond chia smoothies.

Junior Natalie Martin, a nursing student, said she plans on making the recipes on her own.

“It was delicious and actually really easy to make and it was nutritious,” Martin said.

Purcell said the recipes are affordable.

“If you look at the ingredients they're all from Meijer,” Purcell said. “Some are organic, some are just the generic brand. We tried to do Meijer brand for whatever we could.”

After their class, students got to eat their meal and take leftovers with them. While they ate, the dietetic students gave a presentation on the nutritional value of the foods they made and answered nutrition-related questions.

“We’re offering really simple nutritious recipes that show that eating well doesn't have to be expensive and it doesn't have to be difficult or boring,” Grande said. “It can be really tasty.”

Get the recipes on ONS’s Facebook page or in its office located in 108 Roosevelt Hall.

The second class will focus on lunch and the third and final class will focus on dinner. They will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. March 11 and March 19 in Room 5 of Roosevelt Hall. Pre-register by calling 734-487-6572 or email

“It’s fun, you get free food and hopefully you’ll learn something as well,” Fessezke said.

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