L.I.V.E. Welcome Week hosts student, faculty mixer

Students and faculty engage over a catered meal at L.I.V.E. Welcome Week mixer.

As a part of L.I.V.E Welcome Week Diversity and Community Involvement and the Center for Multicultural Affairs hosted a faculty, staff and student mixer Thursday, Sept. 10 in the Student Center, room 300.

This is the fifth year The DCI and CMA have hosted L.I.V.E. Welcome Week. This was the third year that they have put on the Faculty Student Success Mixer.

“The idea for the Mixer was actually a spark of interest from students to get to know faculty and staff but didn’t have the platform to do so,” said Ebony Walls, graduate assistant at the Center of Multicultural Affairs. “This is to allow students to ask questions that they were not so confident to ask in class.”

“It’s a good opportunity to get to know faculty when you don’t get to otherwise,” You don’t necessarily meet faculty and staff in one place so it’s good for us to come together,” said Liz Johnk, a second year graduate student at EMU.

Officer Candace Dorsey, Crime Prevention Coordinator at EMU, explained that her involvement on campus is what motivated her to attend.

“Because of my position on campus, I see myself in mentoring and parenting roles and to meet new students, put names to faces,” Dorsey said.

As smooth jazz filled the air, the faculty and staff did not hesitate to reach out to students in attendance. There were professors from various academic departments and colleges and staff from many different EMU departments in and around the campus. They engaged in conversations with students and provided their words of advice for success to students.

“I came to meet new students and as a black staff member I could network if students are interested in business to see how I can help and become a friendly face. Once students find a place on campus and start thinking of a College of Business degree, they can come to me,” said Michelle Henry, the Director of Graduate Programs in the College of Business.

The event consisted of catered food, which was spread decoratively and in abundance. During the event, every time a student talked to a faculty or staff member they received a ticket for a raffle.

The giveaways were donations from local business such as Tower Inn, Got Burger and Black Stone. The departments such as EMU Marketing, EMU Athletics and the Center of Multicultural Affairs also contributed.

“The more people you know, the farther you go. It’s important for any major, social scene and things of that nature to be well versed, to know more people,” said Kenadi Jefferson, a sophomore at EMU.

There are many ways to be successful at EMU and in life. Title IX Coordinator, Melody Werner, discussed her definition of success.

“Success would look like being persistent, not giving in when things get bad, overcoming obstacles, accomplishing what you came to do and not give up,” said Werner. “Students will face difficult times and some will quit, but some will work through to cope and that’s a success story.”

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