Open Mic Night allows students to express themselves through music

Students looking for the more artistic side of Eastern Michigan University found the perfect place to express themselves at Open Mic Night last Thursday. Not only did the event offer free food provided by Campus Life, such as chicken wings and fruit, but it also gave students, like freshman Ryan Harris, a chance to rap in front of a live crowd.

“I just started listening to it a lot more and more and I liked it,” Harris said about how he became interested in hip-hop music.

Harris wasn’t the only one who thought to bring friends to the event and help keep the momentum going. Most of the students who attended had come in groups of at least three or four, supporting their friends and munching on delicious food.

Many of the performances had the audience laughing, clapping and calling out for more.

Tabitha Blandford, EMU senior and the host of the event, also performed and joined in on the fun.

“It’s basically a talent show, but a lot of the performers are singers and musicians, but yeah, people come here and do poetry,” she said. “It’s a really groovy space, really friendly, so people should come and check it out.”

As Blandford wrote down the names of aspiring artists to present before the crowd, other artists tuned their guitars or warmed up their vocals. One might have thought that the event was more of an audition than a talent show, as people tried to calm themselves down and prepare to perform.

Not only were the performers excited about the event, but so was the crowd. As songs were sung and jokes were made on stage, the crowd had nothing but love for whomever was in the spotlight. Whether someone forgot the lyrics or just couldn’t get the words out, Thursday’s crowd was all too eager to help the artists along.

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