Study shows local art and culture sectors bring in $100 million per year

A recent study sought to prove just how important it is to support local artists.

The study, conducted by Americans for the Arts, found that about $100 million per year is brought into the economy by local arts and culture sectors.

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation chose to sponsor the study in order to show the economic impact the arts and culture businesses have in Washtenaw County and Plymouth, Mich.

Results showed that the nonprofit arts and culture organizations boost the economy by creating local income, government revenues and supporting jobs, which significantly impact the economy of the region.

The AAACF partnered with the Arts Alliance, conducted data over the course of a year from 87 different nonprofit arts and culture organizations, including their audiences. The 2014 data showed that 1.78 million attendees spent about $50 million at events, not including the costs of admissions.

It also showed that this area of arts and culture organizations account for 2,574 full-time equivalent jobs, which generates $66.5 million in-household incomes for locals. This also leads to the arts bringing in $12.8 million in local and state revenue per year. One third of the event attendees are non-residents who spend over twice as much as locals at each event on average.

“This data shows that we should think of our local nonprofit arts and culture sector as a growth industry that warrants greater investment for a more robust local economy," Neel Hajra, President and CEO of AAACF, said in a statement.

Spending money on local artists and cultural events is never a waste because it supports individuals and helps the cities surrounding Ypsilanti, according to Hajra.

“Whether it’s big investments, the $5 you donate to a local nonprofit, or simply spreading the word, it's good for our community and good for our economy when you support nonprofit arts and culture,” said Hajra in a statement.

The results of this study will guide the plans of AAACF’s innovative Culture Economic Development (CED) initiative, significantly, according to a press release. The CED’s goal is to keep a strong arts and culture sector to create a more stable economy that is beneficial for all residents.

Without the creative minds and artists of the community, the economy would not be as stable as it is today. Go online to to learn more about ways to donate.

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