Student Government passes resolution against regents' decision to postpone EAA vote

Student Government passed a resolution at the senate meeting Tuesday night to “voice no confidence” in the Board of Regents’ decision to postpone a vote on Eastern Michigan University’s involvement in the Education Achievement Authority.

S.Res.-102-08, authored by Senator Jones-Darling, said that the Board of Regents has failed to recognize the negative impacts the EAA places on the student body.

At the last Board of Regents meeting, the regents postponed a vote that would decide whether EMU stayed in the EAA for another year or not.

“This Student Government has been constant in telling the regents over and over and over on behalf of the student body that this is not okay,” Jones-Darling said. “This is not what’s good for our university.”

Senator Aron Sandler said that he was concerned about specifics in the resolution concerning a federal investigation of some of the former EAA officials.

Senator Joseph Pernicano said he did not agree with some of the language that is used in the resolution, “some of the somewhat opinionated clauses” and the “lack of documentation or evidence shown for the clauses.”

Senator Tanisha Morton said she has heard from students and student organizations that they do not have confidence in the Board of Regents for multiple reasons, including the raise in tuition and the raise in housing.

“There’s a bunch of things besides the EAA that the Board of Regents has done,” Morton said.

Also at this meeting, Provisional Senators Leah VanLandingham and Tiraj Lucas-Smalls were sworn in as senators.

Regular committee meetings will be held Jan. 19 in the Student Center. For the full meeting schedule go to the student government website.

By Mona Beydoun / The Eastern Echo

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