Money-savvy tips to get your caffeine fix

If you’ve ever taken the time to walk through the back half of the EMU student center, you’ve probably seen the incredibly long lines at the campus Starbucks coffee shop.

Larissa Renee, an EMU sophomore shared her experience with purchasing Starbucks coffee on campus. 

“The lines are extremely long depending on the time and purchasing coffee or other beverages there once a day can get fairly expensive,” Renee said. 

According to Fox News Food & Drink, the average American spends about $3 each day on coffee, totaling $1,100 a year. 

Three local coffee shops were asked the prices of their regular coffee, student discount opportunities, if they offer reward points after so many purchases and the environment of their coffee shop.

Bekah Wallace, director of Community and Connection at Cultivate Coffee and Tap House, shared what discounts they offer EMU students. 

“We have a free mug club membership for students where they get $1 off coffee,” Wallace said. 

The Coffee Mug Club is a reward card offers a dollar off all of your drinks and $2 off refills. The Coffee Mug Club also includes new coffee offerings, mug club coffee tasting and access to limited release roasted coffee. 

“Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse also provides large tables for studying and freespace reservations for meeting,” Wallace said. 

SweetWaters Coffee and Tea just down the road from the historic water tower and across the street from EMU offers student discounts. 

Paul Ajlouny, brand ambassador at SweetWaters Coffee and Tea shared the discounts they offer students. 

“EMU students and staff with proof of affiliation do enjoy 10 percent off their drink throughout the current semester,” Ajlouny said.

In addition to the discount offered “If you bring in your own mug you get a refill discount and if you purchase a SweetWaters mug you can get coffee for as low as $1.50 with our sweet deal if you bring the mug back,” Ajlouny said. 

Ajlouny shared the atmosphere of SweetWaters Coffee and Tea. “Our cafe is special in that it perfectly blends quality and comfort by providing high-quality drinks, service and atmosphere; Sweetwaters offers a unique haven for students with a wide variety of preferences.”

Biggby Coffee, a half mile down from EMU participates in the EMU Eagle Discount Program. Bill Tapp owner of Biggby Coffee in Ypsilanti provided what discounts his store offers EMU students. 

“Our offer is $1 off any beverage to all EMU students, staff, and alumni when they display their Eagle card,” Tapp said. 

Tapp, described their coffee shop “as a place where tables can be reconfigurated for study groups and with a large lobby that can seat 30 consumers.”

“We welcome all EMU students, staff and alumni,” said Tapp. “We are proud to be members of your community.”

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