An 18-year-old EMU student pleaded guilty to negligent homicide charges for a Dec. 16 car crash that killed his friend who also was an EMU student.

The Grand Rapids Press staff has reported Anthony Bloodworth-Sanders pleaded guilty last Thursday to a misdemeanor charge for the crash that killed 18-year-old Dominique Mitchell. The charge has a maximum penalty of two years.

Prosecutors have said they will ask the judge to limit jail time to 90 days,but the ultimate decision is up to the judge.

From the Grand Rapids staff:

Police say Bloodworth-Sanders was driving a Chevy Lumina west on I-96 near Whitneyville Avenue SE with his friend, 18-year-old Dominique Mitchell, in the front seat as the two freshmen drove from Ypsilanti back home to Grand Rapids for winter break on Dec. 16.

Bloodworth-Sanders lost control of the car, according to police. Under questioning from his attorney in court, Bloodworth-Sanders said the vehicle was traveling about 72 mph when the roll-over occurred.

The Lumina rolled into a median and two other vehicles were struck, either by the out-of-control car or debris from it as it rolled. Mitchell died at the scene.
A state police trooper said Bloodworth-Sanders simply explained after the crash, “I just lost it.”

He is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 2.