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Interracial dating

(03/02/14 10:16am)

I was 15 and participating in a program that included all kinds of students from the Midwest. We stayed in Marquette, Mich. for an entire summer going on field trips, taking summer classes, camping and, of course, dating. A group of students were having a conversation about race and dating; Jim, a group advisor, chimed in on the discussion sharing his experiences and explained how college was an eye-opening time for him. Jim said he had never met what he referred to as a black-haired person, a person outside of the Caucasian race, until he went to college.

Universal Income

(03/02/14 10:21am)

Switzerland will soon vote on a radical new law that will guarantee every citizen receives $2,800 a month regardless of whether they are working or not. While it may seem okay for the generally socialistic Swiss to even consider such a bill, having such a program in America, where we value the one over the many, could have great benefits.

A tax cut for Detroiters

(03/05/14 5:32pm)

Detroit should cut taxes. More specifically, it should eliminate its income tax of 2.4 percent. As part of the city’s plan of adjustment, a formal outline for solvency that was submitted to the federal bankruptcy court in February, it appears the city has other ideas. Namely it intends to collect income taxes from residents known as reverse commuters – people who live in the city but work in other areas. Former Mayor Dave Bing estimated $142 million in income tax revenue went uncollected in 2009, and the city wants that money.

Executive representation

(03/09/14 2:36pm)

For 225 years, the citizens of the United States have elected one person to serve as their president – one person to serve as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and to serve as the chief executive. Considering the amount of power that someone in this position holds, the United States would be better served by electing a federal council with seats divided up between political parties based on popularity in the voting booth similar to the system used in Switzerland.

People should focus more on how to reach their goals

(03/12/14 8:11pm)

One of the most common questions that a 5-year-old is asked is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In order to answer such a question, a 5-year-old needs time to think and consider their options, so probably about 10 or 30 seconds. The answer is always impulsive – they usually say the first thing that comes to mind. Their favorite person, their favorite cartoon character or their latest obsession could influence their answer. Whatever the answer is, it is quick, decisive and they are absolutely confident in it.

What message do we send children with autism?

(03/12/14 8:14pm)

When I was a kid, getting those dreaded vaccinations was a rite of passage, like a bar mitzvah or quinceañera if you replaced all the dancing and food with needles. Everyone went through it – it was just a part of growing up. But according to a U.S. News article published in 2012, fewer and fewer children are receiving those shots, as the number of parents who opted their kids out of the required vaccines rose between the years of 2005 and 2012.