6/16/2021, 4:30pm

Podcast: June 16, 2021

Ann Arbor Organization Food Gatherer’s host a fundraiser in place of their annual picnic, and EMU alumnus Jack Roush donates $1 million to our GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology. Also, hear more about Eastern’s Africology and African American studies programs. Listen here right now or on any podcast streaming platform! 

6/10/2021, 3:48pm

Podcast: June 9, 2021

EMU's Fashion Marketing and Design Program gives back to the community through a computer-aided design class, and EMUiNVENT brings young Michigan creators and inventors together in its third year of operation. Listen here, or on your favorite podcast app!

6/3/2021, 1:00am

Podcast: June 2, 2021

The Windgate Foundation donates $2.2 million to fund a 3D Arts Complex at Eastern Michigan University, and Ypsilanti makes plans to build a new public library. Listen to this week’s news recap here or on your favorite podcast app. 

5/20/2021, 12:29pm

Podcast: May 19, 2021

EMU alumnus Daivon Reeder runs for Detroit City Council with campaign manager and fellow alumna Kyra L. Mitchell. In sports news, EMU's cheer team wins a national championship - a first in the program’s history. 

5/19/2021, 9:20am

Podcast: May 14, 2021

EMU continues to offer free COVID-19 throughout the summer, and the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra donates resources to an Ypsilanti school. Geoff Larcom, EMU's Executive Director of Media Relations, celebrates a career in journalism and media while looking forward to his retirement. 

4/26/2021, 8:21pm

Podcast: April 21, 2021

Students hold a vigil in memory of victims of anti-Asian violence, EMU honors woman at the annual Women of Excellence ceremony, and the Center for digital Engagement offers 48 paid summer internships.

4/20/2021, 5:49pm

Podcast: Mary Ann Starkweather

After learning about the racist history of Daniel L. Quirk, The Eastern Echo took up investigating the history behind the namesakes of other campus buildings. In our first episode, learn about the history of Mary Ann Starkweather, the benefactor of EMU’s Starkweather Hall and Starkweather Chapel in Highland Cemetery. 

4/15/2021, 4:24pm

Podcast: April 14, 2021

EMU announces that the Fall 2021 semester will likely have a more traditional campus environment, EMU students begin a petition to extend the pass or fail grading option, and the Center of Entrepreneurship hosts a virtual webinar featuring Lisa Bee, the CEO of Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea. 

4/11/2021, 6:44pm

Podcast: April 7, 2021

Student Government votes on a resolution regarding campus parking citations, EMU’s Jazz Ensemble perseveres in the midst of COVID-19, and an eco-friendly shop opens up in Dexter, Michigan. Listen to The Eastern Echo Podcast here or on your favorite podcast app. 

4/1/2021, 7:35am

Podcast: March 31, 2021

Hundreds gathered to stand in solidarity of survivors of sexual assault. Campus Life also hosted the annual Student Gold Medallion Awards, faculty discuss the racial imagery in Dr. Seuss’s books, and the Black Honors Student Organization  celebrated Women's History Month. Listen to this week’s news on your favorite podcast app, or read the transcript here.

3/29/2021, 9:40am

Podcast: March 24, 2021

Kappa Delta Pi will be hosting a fundraiser and book drive for local classrooms, and EMU’s Student Government votes in support of extending the Pass/Fail option. Student Government elections also open today. Be sure to stay tuned until the end of today’s podcast to hear about the Senate candidates. Read the transcript here, or listen on your favorite podcast app.

3/24/2021, 5:45pm

Symposium: Implementations of the 14th Amendment

Political Science student Jack Swartzinski shares his research regarding the evolution of the implementation of the 14th Amendment. He also explains why he believes the 14th is the most critical Amendment in the American legal system. Listen here, or on your favorite podcast app.